2019 BMW X5 AND X5 M

It is no longer news that BMW X5 has already clocked four years old this year, in addition to this, according to the projection of the company, it should still stick around a little while longer. However, the fourth generation of the car has already been seen going through some rounds of testing on roads, based on this, we have been able to make some deductions as regards its features based on the prototype that is currently been a test run. Also, it should interest you to note that the Car maker is also taking the M version of the car through some rounds of testing.

The new 2019 BMW X5 AND X5 will both share a couple of similarities with the X5 M expected to be built upon the platform of the 5 series of the car model. The platform has been talked about here is the CLAR platform. The M badged sports utility van will also come with a rather unique and upgraded chassis that should be well tuned as well as a V8 engine that can be best described as wild. Another thing that should tickle the fancy of every lover of the BMW brand is that both cars should be out at about the same time as the recently designed Mercedes AMG GLE63.

One thing is definitely clear about both variants and that is the fact that the carmaker is not ready to relinquish its lead position especially in the SUV line of business. the awesome upgrades therein clearly attest to that fact, as you continue reading, you are bound to have a clearer picture of what to expect.

2019 BMW X5 Changes, Exterior

The 2019 BMW X5 AND X5 M both some rather clear similarities as far as the exterior of the car is concerned. For instance, they both appear to be quite bigger as you get to the front of the car, furthermore, you are bound to find taller and wider kidney grille, outlets that are bit larger on both sides of the bumper of the car, it also comes with some upgraded center vents. Even though the headlamp would most certainly not be bigger, they are expected to have a rather sportier shape.

Aside from the upgrades that can be found in the X5, the X5 M should also come with some components that make it look rather sportier and more aggressive thus giving it a rather more powerful look. In addition to this, the bumper should also have a rather sportier bumper that is expected to be revised with a view to giving it bigger splitter as well as intakes. The grilles should also have darker chrome material, while there should be honeycomb mesh for the bumper grilles as well as the M badge that can be spotted on the top of the main grille of the car.

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A look at the back of the M version will reveal to you that it does not really differ much from the standard X5 aside from a slight variation in its fenders. Also, you are bound to notice changes in the side skirts, in addition to this, you will find some rather light wheels that support the high-performance tires that house them, this is coupled with a lower ride height for the car.

Furthermore, at the rear of the car, the taillight of the Standards version has been upgraded for the 2019 X5 M, a roof spoiler should also join the taillights and the bumper, there should also be a race look like spoiler with it as well as a unique two double exhaust system along with tailpipes. This package is made total and complete by some rather special colors on the outside of the car well as some carbon fiber elements.

BMW X5 2019 Interior

Yet again, the interior of the new 2019 BMW X5 AND X5 M model variants are quite similar on quite a number of bases. Although the interior of the X 5 remains shrouded in mystery. However, a look at the 5 series should certainly give one an idea of what exactly to look forward to. It would not be too far to assume that the car may also take some cues from the seven series of the same car. The meaning of this is that customers should look forward to a center stack that is wider as well as the center console, along with the events of the A/C as well a radio and HVAC controls added to the same build.

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Furthermore, the upgraded dashboard should see some more space been created for the driver as well as the passenger at the front. Also, they are going to greatly benefit from the larger pocket doors as well as the sound absorbing materials. It is also expected that the seats should be revised, along with an M sports steering wheel, the infotainment screen of both the standard X5 and the X5 M will remain largely the same, this should see them both come with a customized display as well as a startup display screen. In addition to this, you will find aluminum pedals as well as foot rest as well as an exclusive M branded floor mats for the M version of the car.

In the technology compartment of the interior of the car, you will find big 10.25 inches screen that should give the driver access to navigational functions, as well as phone, vehicle and entertainment functions. Alternatively, the car maker may well offer the recent version of gesture control that made its grand entrance in the 7 series of the car.

Other functions such as the advanced real-time traffic along with instructions on navigation should be made available as well as relevant information made available on the work shield of the car. The resolution the X5 M is expected to be up to 70% bigger than that of the model that is outgoing. In conclusion, the car should be equipped with cordless charging, Apple car play app, as well as Wi-Fi hotspot.


Although there is no definite statement as regards what the engine of both the 2019 BMW X5 AND X5 M will look like, there is every possibility that BMW may continue making use of the twin-turbo 4.4-litre engine that is found in the outgoing model of the car. Also, there should be some rather serious upgrades in this compartment which should mean greater output in terms of power as well better fuel efficiency and increased reliability.

The current V8 has a power rating of about 567 horsepower as well as 553 pound-feet of torque, it is been muted that BMW seeks to attain 600 horsepower that should be accompanied by 570 pounds of torque. The implication of this is that the additional 30 to 50 horsepower should make the car better desirable when compared with the Mercedes AMG GLE63 which is expected to deliver up to 603 horsepower as well as 627 pound-feet.

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Also, the eight-speed system which was introduced back in 2014 should be upgraded so as to give it better shift as well as improved efficiency. Thus both the X5 and the X5 M should no doubt be faster than what was obtainable before, it is expected that they should be at least one-tenth of a second quicker.

Price and release date

The price should expectedly be higher than that of the model that is outgoing. There should be an increase of between $2,000 and $6,000. The current model is priced at around $100,000, thus it means that the 2019 BMW X5 M model should be around $103,000, while the X5 should be around $55,000. In conclusion, both the BMW X5 2019 and X5 M have certainly come with a mission to create a clear statement. It should be out in the year 2018.

2019 BMW X5 M

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