2019 BMW 1-Series Spied

The BMW 2019 Series 1 is the type of car that combines beauty simplicity, efficiency and class all into one car, this wonderful innovation by German car maker BMW seeks to revolutionize everything about the automobile industry, ranging from cutting green house emissions to taking the center stage at auto shows. The BMW series 1 was birthed way back in 2004 although it only made a grand entrance in the year 2008; it is quite small in fact it is the smallest and also the least expensive of the brand. The car came back then as a rear wheel drive, with considerable balance coupled with aluminum, multi-link system all this was packaged in a car. However, quite cheap for a car with so much quality, however, the new 2019 BMW 1-Series is expected to be in the form of a front wheel drive.

2019 BMW 1-Series

2019 BMW 1-Series front

2019 BMW 1-Series Redesign, Exterior

The exterior of this revolutionary car, the new 2019 BMW series, is one that should catch the eye of even the most critical car lover. For one, the height is expected to be a bit low, also the headlights will be sleeker than the outgoing model spotting a triangular top. It will also possess a single projection unit although a smaller unit could be hidden somewhere beneath the camo that hides the inner part of the lens. The hood is also expected to retain the same lines that run from each of the A-pillars towards the headlights, although the central lines located on the outgoing model looks to have been modified in the new dispensation.

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In addition to this, the sides of the car also come with some unique changes, for instance, the new BMW 1-Series 2019 comes with a longer view from the sides when compared with the outgoing model, for instance, the nose seems to be longer by about four to five inches. The back overhang also includes a few more centimeters to the length of the car. The evidence of these innovations can be clearly seen in the additional space in between the back door and the rear hatch. The roof of the car, on the other hand, is quite longer than the previous model also the beltline seems to have added a little height. The back door glass comes with sharp angles as well as a well-rounded outlook.

Furthermore, the rear of this beauty comes with smaller tail lights which come in a triangular shape that comes as a singular module split into two, the top part will act as the reverse light while the lower part will act as the car brake and taillight indicator. The back hatch also comes with a little shorter glasses also, the higher hatch does not have the sharp curve in the rear light region. A look down below will show you that this car comes with dual exhaust pipes, a careful look will help you realize that there is a valve in the outlet on the left, which indicates that there is an active exhaust system that is regulated through the various driving models.

In conclusion, both the front and back fascias possess some holes cut in them, what this means is that it may come with radar sensors and a camera. However, there could be a few more surprises when this car is finally unveiled officially.

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BMW 1-Series 2019 Interior

The interior of the 2019 BMW 1 series will witness the birth of an upgraded and modern dashboard which is an advancement from the previous school version of the outgoing model, the dashboard is billed to look a lot like that of the five series. It also is expected to sport a large information and entertainment interface for those who love to be updated on the go, below this screen will be a collection of knobs and dials, this coupled with the blend of wood and aluminum trim effect will certainly give it a rich look.

Furthermore, it is expected that there would be plenty of space for stretching of legs and also enough allowance for your neck, also there should be enough allowance to flex your muscle as it comes with quite a reasonable amount of shoulder space. It should also be noted that this awesome ride is designed with an engine package that can only be described as much improved. In addition to this, the BMW series 1 2019 model is expected to have bore trunk allowance as a result of the absence of a rear differential underneath the back floor.


The engine of the all-new 2019 BMW series 1 is going to be a fusion of technology, call it a hybrid fusion if you may. It is expected to be a marriage of the features of the current Mini and the BMW X1 ranges. It should have features such as a 1.5 liter three cylinder turbo petrol system; it would also come in a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder petrol engines in a 120i guise or even a 120d diesel engine variant. Also, the car is expected to be a front wheel drive ride which is a deviation from the BMW culture. However, this should give the Bavarians an opportunity to give its smallest variant with a new and improved hybrid system.

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This particular innovation is expected to come with a 1.5-litre petrol engine along with an electric motor thus cutting Carbon emissions to under 50g/km. The engine of the car should also come with a four-cylinder turbo unit which will carry all four tires this will be a departure from the six-cylinder petrol engine seen in the M140i models, this would be achieved through the BMW xDrive four-wheel drive system. Also, the engine is expected to range in power from 100 hp to 360hp.

Price and release date

Although no exact date has been set for the release of 2019 BMW 1-Series, it is expected to be out on sale around the later part of the year 2018 or the early months 0f 2019, and it is projected to cost almost the same as the outgoing model, there have been suggestions that it may cost between 31,000 dollars to 43,000 dollars, that certainly is not a bad deal at all considering the modifications and improvements.

2019 BMW 1-Series spy shots

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