2018 BMW i3 Review

The new 2018 BMW i3 was first unveiled back in the year 2013 becoming the leading auto makers of the first zero emission and mass produced the car. It was made as a part of the car makers BMW I sub brand which also has the i8 sports car, it will also interest you to note that the i3 was the first of its kind that came with a carbon fibre reinforced polymer. The i3 is a 125 KWH electric motor powered car that also comes with a two cylinder engine as well as a smaller tank for its fuel.

Furthermore, you must know that this car has enjoyed the considerable level of success in the auto market making a strong 3rd position among EVs that were sold between 2014 and 2016. Reports indicate that over 50,000 units of the car were made in the year 2016 and 70,000 in the year 2017, at this point, the car won the crown of the third best-selling electricity powered vehicle. The 2018 model sees some rather wonderful upgrades to the car which means better style, as well as improved engine power.

2018 BMW i3

2018 BMW i3 Facelift, Exterior

The all new 2018 i3 surely comes with some unique modifications that make it stand out in many ways. These changes can be visibly seen on the exterior of the car’s shape, colour, style, even though the changes in these compartments may not be all that pronounced. However, there have been a few revisions that have certainly given the car a different look and feel altogether. For instance, a look at the front of the car will show you something unique about the car bumper. As against what was obtainable with the old model where the bumper had a body colour that came with a black trim on the lower side of the car and also in the fog lamp area of the car. Furthermore, the new bumper comes in an almost entirely black colouration.

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In addition to these, you will find out that the Foglamp comes in a redesigned form donning a look that is thin and wide as against the hitherto round looks. The implication of this is that the new BMW i3 2018 now comes looking a lot sportier than before, this is even further achieved by the fact that the car has winglets fitted on it thus giving it a rather aggressive stance.

A look at the rear of the car will show you that they are not many changes to discuss; however, BMW did include a chrome strip that can be seen on the entire width of the tailgate. Down below you will find some little changes on the car bumper, the changes include the two dents that go into the lower apron that appear to simulate cutouts for the car exhaust that you will find in a gas engine model.
A look at the sides will also reveal to you that the i3 is almost unchanged in this regard, however, the black wheel arch borders have in a way added a sort of contrasting touch when they are added with light and bright body colours.

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In addition to this, the height of the car was lowered by about 0.4 inches even though it may not be all that easy to notice. On a final note, a new set of 20 inches alloy wheels were added in the form of a double spoke design. This is about one inch wider than the wheels of the outgoing model. Also, you can order them in black and chrome finish as well as Jet black.

BMW i3 2018 Interior

The first thing you should know about the interior of the all new 2018 BMW i3 is the fact that it comes with some rather special model lettering around the front floor mats as a form of standard. However, not too surprisingly, the i3 comes with almost no modifications as regards the car layout as well as its design. This is, however, no big deal owing to the fact that the car still retains its timeless looks that stems from the clean and simple configuration that is coupled with sustainable and modern materials. You can be sure that the car will still look fresh and fashionable for years to come.

2018 BMW i3 interior

Just as it is before, BMW gives customers the opportunity to a choice of four lines of equipment that are both obtainable for the new and regular i3 models. Also, the trims appear unchanged except for the lodge that has a covering for the surfaces of the seat surfaces in colouration of solar brown which is a combination of a natural feather that has undergone tanning by the use of extracts of olive oil leaf coupled with a textile material that is apparently wool based. Furthermore, customers have the option of blue seat belts as well as model lettering on the front floor mats.

Safety features

The all new 2018 BMW i3 comes with some rather unique security and safety features such as the driver assistance systems that come with some rather new and interesting options. For instance, the i3 now comes with parking assistant as well as traffic jam assistant. This features not only make sure that there is a safe distance so as to ensure that the car up ahead is at safe distance even at speeds of up to 47 mph, this also helps to keep the car in the right lane. There is also the driving assistant plus option which incorporates both collisions as well as pedestrian warning combined with the braking function, the speed limit information, the proactive driving assistant, as well as the active cruise control and the go and stop functions.


The standard i3 derives its abilities from an electric motor that gets a top output of about 170 horsepower as well as 184-pound feet of torque. BMW has come out to say that the high voltage lithium ion battery that is found on the floor gives a range of about 186 miles by European standard and 156 miles on the global scale. The new i3, on the other hand, has an increased output of about 184 horsepower as well as 199-pound feet, which invariably means that you have an additional 14 horses as well as 15-pound feet. In summary, the engine of the car is certainly one that has the ecosystem at heart.

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Price and release date

The all new 2018 BMW i3 is around 34,000 pounds for the base model as well as 37,000 pounds for the range extender. The i3s is expected to cost around 36,000 without the gasoline engine and 40,000 with the gas engine. Thus it is safe to say that prices in the United Kingdom will reach around $44,450 to $46,900 while the i3s should cost about $51,000. It should be out before the end of the year 2017.

2018 BMW i3 photos

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