2018 Volkswagen Arteon

As we know, the most recent 2018 Volkswagen Arteon will be some kind of replacement to the well known CC model from Volkswagen. Back in 2007, the Company introduced a large coupe with a sloped roof. They named it CC model, and they expected a lot from this model. However, this sports sedan was performed very poorly. Because of that, we can now expect the newly model with the new name, and with a better look. Not only the look will be better, but everything else as well. We can expect the same but stretched version of MQB platform. We don’t have official photos of this model, but we have some photos of GTE concept from the year 2015, on which will be Arteon based. Also, there is a sketch of the latest Arteon model, and some information from the Company, as well as a lot of rumors and speculations. According to sketch, we can definitely notice that the new model and its predecessor are very similar to GTE concept and CC model, especially at the front side. More about that, and everything else about this new model you can find out in the following review. Enjoy!

2018 Volkswagen Arteon official

VW Sport Coupé GTE Concept front

2018 Volkswagen Arteon Exterior design

So, as we say, this model is the successor of CC sedan and will be very similar to the Volkswagen Sport Coupe Concept GTE model, especially the front fascia. At the first glance, the sketch looks very appealing, and the exterior design looks so futuristic and sleek. We can definitely see the addition of some style compared to the CC model, and it is notable that this model has increased the length(4.9 inches longer) and stretched wheelbase. It will be sharper and more aggressive compared to its predecessor. When it comes to some details, we know for certain only that this model will use the stretched version of MQB platform.

We can’t see some other details from the sketch photos, but we have some rumors and reliable information. We can expect the headlights to be 3D in nature. Also, just like in every newest model from almost every Company, and here we can expect the LED powered headlights, as well as the rest of the lights. The radiator grille will be most likely the same but a bit thinner compared to the CC model. Also, we can see the connection between the headlights and grille. The bonnet of this model will most likely feature curved contour lines. We can also expect vents on the hood, borrowed from the Concept GTE. Unfortunately, this is all that we know about the exterior design, and as soon as Volkswagen release some official photos, we will let you know. New 2018 VW Arteon curb weight is around 3400 lb. Wheels are from 17-inch alloy, 18-inch ‘Muscat’ alloy wheels, 18-inch ‘Sebring’ alloy wheels and 20-inch alloy.
Colors: Curcuma Yellow, Atlantic Blu and Chili Red.

2018 VW Arteon dimensions:
– Length is 191.1 inches
– Width is 73.0 inches
– Height is 55.8 inches
– Wheelbase is 111.6 inches.

VW Arteon 2018 Interior design

The 2018 VW Arteon interior design is at this point even a bigger mystery compared to the exterior design but seems like will be very similar to GTE concept. For the exterior, we have one sketch photo, but for the interior, we don’t have anything except concept images. However, there are some reliable information and rumors. The front seats of this model will be very comfortable and we can expect leather-trimmed as standard upholstery. Also, between the driver and the passenger seat, we can expect a high-sitting center console. We can most likely expect virtual cockpit–style Pro infotainment system with 6.5-inches and optionally big glass 9.2-inches touchscreen(with the voice command) but this info is not officially confirmed. The steering wheel of this model will be most likely flat bottomed and we can expect a lot of buttons on it. In general, we can’t expect so many changes from the inside compared to the CC model, and that is maybe a good thing. Of course, the infotainment system will be updated in order to provide better entertainment for all passengers. Interior colors: black, combination of dark and light grey, and dark grey)

Some 2018 Volkswagen Arteon features will include:
– Android Auto
– Apple CarPlay
– double-length stacking sunroof(for the US only)

Safety and driver assistance:
– Adaptive Cruise Control,
– dynamic cornering lights,
– predictive beam control,
– Lane Assist,
– park assist,
– Proactive occupant protection system,
– Emergency Assist and more.

2018 Volkswagen Arteon interior

Engine and Performance

Beneath the hood, the anticipated model will be powered by a 2.0 TSI turbocharged and intercooler DOHC 16-valve inline-4 engine. This engine will have a capability of generating up to 278 horsepower as well as 280 lb.ft of torque, and the weaker one with 188 hp. Also, the engine will be mated to a 7-speed DSG automatic(Aisin torque-converter automatic), optional 4MOTION; that will provide manual shifting mode. According to Company, we can expect acceleration from 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds, while from 0-100 mph in just 14.1 seconds. EPA rates will be 24-25/21-22/29 mpg when the drive is combined/in the city and on the highway. The top speed will be 155 mph. The power from the engine will be routed to the front or all wheels.

The second engine is 1.5 TSI Evo with 148 ponies. Transmission 6-speed manual or optional 7-speed DSG automatic.
Arteon also get three diesel powertrain option, however, they all have the same capacity 2.0 TDI. The first engine has 148 hp and uses 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic DSG optional transmission. The second one has 188 hp and same 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic DSG, but this time with 4MOTION(optional). The last one has 138 hp and it only uses 7-speed DSG plus 4MOTION transmission.
There is the possibility that Arteon gets a hybrid engine(just rumor), it could be 3.0-liter V-6 with 2 electric motors, like in GTE concept, but that news is not confirmed.

Price and Release date

The release date of the resulting model will be most likely at the beginning of 2018. When it comes to prices, we can expect a starting price of around $36.000.

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