2018 BMW Z5 Roadster Spy Photos

The 2018 BMW Z5 roadster is the redesigned version of the Z4 cabrio, and it will be released at the end of next year. BMW has taken all possible efforts to make this cabrio a high-performance model to thrive in a declining sector. It has been designed in cooperation with Toyota, part of a joint venture, which is going to be concluded in 2020. Unlike its predecessor that was constructed at Regensburg, the new model Roadster will be constructed in Austria. The vehicle is expected to come with small level of inside and outside changes, as well as with a powerful engine.

2018 BMW Z5 Redesign, Exterior

The new BMW Z5 2018 should come with obvious external changes that include a longer front part, low center of gravity, and a bit bigger wheelbase. It also comes with a 2-inch wider body when compared to that of its predecessor. Another notable external feature that can be seen in the new Roadster is that it comes equipped with a soft roof, replacing the metal top available in the BMW Z4.

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The front part of the new Roadster comes with a lower dual-kidney grille, which is bigger than that of its predecessor. With this grille and the lowered snout, it gets an aggressive front look. It also comes outfitted with the latest model LED headlights, which will be linked to the chrome frame of its grille. Furthermore, the bumper in the front will come with the triple-part opening pattern with a wide opening at its center.

When observing from sides, the new 2018 BMW Z5 roadster seems to boast a less brawny posture. It comes equipped with a flat fender in its front and at its back to get a dull beltline. Around back, it comes with LED tail lamps and a redesigned rear bumper. The trunk lid that comes incorporated with spoiler is similar to that of the BMW Z4 and the license plate bay has been shifted upper into the rear fascia. The wheels of the new Roadster come with sticker-covered emblem, as well.

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New BMW Z5 2018 Interior

BMW offers a more luxurious interior design that has been borrowed from many of its earlier models. As a result, both the hovering infotainment exhibit with acoustic controls and AC vents and the instrument cluster look similar to those of the 2016 model BWM 3 Series. However, the instrument cluster will be a digital version and it comes with illuminated warning lights with a wrench symbol displayed together with some German inscription down beneath the two main gauges. It also comes with a big infotainment system when compared to that of 2016 model BWM 3 Series. The 2018 BMW Z5 roadster cabin comes equipped with a big-center-hub steering wheel, similar to that of older GM and Ford models.

Spy-Shots of Cars
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BMW has not revealed the engine options of its 2018 model Z5, but it is expected that its base model would come equipped with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine. The same power unit will most likely be available with a higher power output in the higher end models. It should be an inline-6 unit with the displacement of 3.0 liters should stimulate the range-leading model.

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Rumors from some sources claim that the Z5 Roadster will also be equipped with a hybrid engine. It is expected that the new Roadster will be offered with both double-clutch automatic transmission and manual transmission systems with the all-wheel drive’s system as an option. From 0-60 mph it should go for 5 seconds with the max speed of 155 mph or 250 km/h.

Base cost and the date of release

As the automaker has not yet confirmed the base price and the release date of new BMW Z5 2018 roadster. But there is information(unofficial) that it should be available for sale during the first quarter of 2018 or well before that(end 2017). The starting price of the model is estimated to be more than $ 55,000.

2018 BMW Z5 spy shots

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