2018 Kia Rio at the Paris car Show

Kia Motors is well-known for launching new cars and SUVs at a cheaper price as compared to other automakers. The brand’s new offering, the fourth generation of the Kia Rio, is unveiled quietly at the 2016 Paris Motor Show amidst a crazy collection of supercars and concepts. The Korean automaker has given a major facelift to the current model at its design centers based in Germany and California. Their efforts seem to have yielded pretty good results showing at the new 2018 Kia Rio.

new Kia Rio 2018 Interior

The dashboard is completely revamped, with the center stack controls angled more towards the driver. The new infotainment interface cuts down the need for too many buttons, so the dashboard feels clean and uncluttered. There is also support for Android Auto, an intuitive interface with powerful voice actions and integrated steering wheel controls that help minimize the distractions and keep you focused on the road. The Apple CarPlay app syncs your iPhone with the car’s display to help you make calls, get directions, send/receive messages or listen to music on the go. The touchscreen feels very responsive.

2018 Kia Rio Interior[/caption]

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2018 Kia Rio Redesign

The 5-door hatchback sports a more mature design and is physically bigger than the model it replaces. With a cargo capacity of 11.5 cubic feet (or 325 liters), the new Rio may sport the most spacious cabin within its class. The front portion is updated with larger air intakes, which gives a more premium look. The headlights, which are drawn more horizontally, perfectly blend in with the design. The all-new Kia Rio 2018 features an increased wheelbase to facilitate a spacious interior. The car’s rear feels flatter and wider that its predecessor, with an optional rear view camera. This, combined with a longer hood and shaped LED headlights, dons the hatchback a sporty look. Overall, for a small car, the Rio packs a classy appearance.

Engine and safety

So, we’ve arrived at the most significant part of a car: the 2018 Kia Rio engine bay. The 2018 Rio will be equipped with a couple of gasoline and diesel powered engines. If you want cheap on fuel engine, you will be delighted with the new 3-cylinder, 1.0-liter T-GDI engine. This particular engine’s low emissions, high efficiency, and lightweight are expected to boost the hatchback’s performance. The same engine makes around 98-118 hp in other models from Kia. Although these figures are slightly less for a hatchback in the US market with the 1.6-liter engine (where the average horsepower is about 138), you get better fuel efficiency. US market 1.6T engine has gas mileage for city – 27 mpg and the highway – 38 mpg.

Kia mentioned that this will be the first car in its class to provide automatic emergency braking by detecting the approaching pedestrians.

Pricing and release date:

The 2018 Kia Rio is all set to go on sale worldwide in early 2017. However, the detailed specifications and pricing for the US models are yet to be announced.

Bottom line
The Rio is Kia’s bestselling model, and so, we expect the upgraded version to be equally successful worldwide. Not an inch of space in wasted in the 5-door hatchback, but as with all affordable cars, the build quality is pretty ordinary (but not bad). With an efficient engine, stunning design and a spacious cabin, there is not a single feature in the all-new Kia Rio 2018 that you can complain about.

2018 Kia Rio Pictures

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