Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept vehicle is a magnificent coupé of the international auto producer, the Mercedes-Benz. This luxury four-seat coupe is going to make its first appearance at Pebble Beach in California to honor the famous era of the company’s earlier coupés and it is expected to follow their similar customs. The new concept will once again get the usual, exciting design philosophy of the earlier models, adopting the physical limpidness, the design values of Mercedes-Benz. By means of the smart appeal and abridged, techno look, it will entirely exemplify the design values and the quest of the aerodynamic effectiveness of the business.

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept Exterior

The Maybach 6 Concept coupe is expected to come with a low roofline and an elongated hood that display its classic artistic magnitude. The new coupe comes with well-defined body curves and the naturally designed wings set contrary to the penetratingly drawn, extensive feature streak on both sides. This line characterizes the upper part of the body of the vehicle from its radiator grille across the whole length of its rear part.

There is also an outstanding distinction between the chrome strips and the red paintwork of the new concept coupe, which position over its wheel arches and in the middle of the hood and boot top. The radiator grille of the new vehicle comes with fine, upright struts that highlight the front part. Around rear, the Vision Maybach 6 Concept is designed in an extended spherical boat tail plan that looks like that of a luxury ship.

The new concept coupe comes with the external dimension of 228.0″ (L) x 64.0″ (W) x 53.1″ (H), which make the new concept coupe as the first luxury vehicle in the futurist design show vehicle lineup of Mercedes-Benz.

Maybach 6 Concept Interior

The new Vision Maybach Concept comes with some notable additions in its interior design. The display in the front will function as a translucent exhibit to show the driving-associated information and the geographical data, and it offers the supplementary information about the external world, as well. Passengers can have better control over the data and they can adjust it through gestures. The wing curves of the dashboard across the vehicle’s door trim create a 360° recline angle into the seat setting.

The cabin comes with a horizontal sitting surface, which changes into the upright of the doors and becomes the base of the dashboard wing finally. The dashboard and the doors are offered with a conventional wood trim, which softens the look of the digital display and the digital control interfaces. As a distinction to the digital world of the exhibits, elm is employed in the ground area, which generates a look similar to that of a yacht.

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept interior


The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept coupe is going to be designed as an all-electric vehicle. It will be offered with the all-wheel drive system, as it comes equipped with four dense permanent magnet matching electric motors. These electric motors would get their essential power from a durable battery set of capacity 80 kWh, which is positioned beneath the seats. These powerful electric motors with the all-wheel drive system offer the new concept coupe the maximum power output of 750 PS. This configuration offers the new concept vehicle better acceleration that makes it attain the speed from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds and the maximum velocity of 150 mph. Furthermore, with these motors, the new vehicle will be capable of covering the maximum distance of more than 200 miles (500 km) solely on electric power.
The Maybach 6 Concept is going to make its first appearance sometime during the month of August 2016.

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept photos

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