2018 BMW 5-Series GT

The BMW 5-Series GT, which was first released as a 2010 model year vehicle, was prepared to generate a descendant. It is one among the clumsy models in the lineup of the German auto manufacturer, and it is going to be redesigned for the model year 2018. However, this time, the 2018 BMW 5-Series GT is expected to come with a sexier and sleeker body than the earlier chubby 5-Series GT. For the model year 2018, buyers can expect their new vehicle an attractive grille and restyled headlamps that compensate the ugly look of its predecessor. The new model 5-Series GT will be released with 528i, 540i and 550i trim levels.

2018 BMW 5-Series GT Exterior

The 2018 5-Series GT will be constructed on the same platform on which the 2018 model 7-Series has been constructed. This will be prepared from lightweight materials, such as high-potency steel and unbreakable carbon fiber plastic material with the intention of offering the required strength and reducing the overall weight of the new vehicle to offer improved performance and improved fuel economy. This will make the new 5-Series GT lighter than that of its predecessor that weighs 4400 pounds (2000 kg).

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2018 BMW 5-Series GT Interior

This time, the interior of the new BMW 5-Series GT 2018 would be crammed with more luxurious features than those of the original model. Some of the most distinguished interior luxury features include ventilated and heated seats, premium leather, heated steering wheel, and much more. The new model vehicle should have the latest technology features, such as:
 HD backup camera.
 Customizable dashboard display.
 Third party app compatibility.
 Bluetooth connectivity.
 Android and Apple compatibility.
 Steering wheel controls.
 Improved USB.
 Hands-free phone calling.
 Mobile Office Support.
 Real-time news and traffic
 200GB hard drive with 20GB committed music storage
 Wireless internet tethering.
Furthermore, it will be offered with a comfort package that includes the latest version of safety systems that include the Drive Assistance Plus system, offering lane departure warning, blind spot detection, top viewable cameras, and several other safety features.


The US version of the 2018 BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo comes equipped with three different powertrains. Accordingly,
The 528i model will be operated by an efficient four-cylinder unit that offers the power output of 240 ponies.
The 540i model comes equipped with an Inline-six turbocharged unit with the displacement of 3.0 liters. This powertrain gets pulls power of 320 ponies.
On the other hand, the 550i trim will be powered by a V8 turbocharged unit with the capacity of 4.4 liters. This power plant offers the essential power of 445 ponies.
BMW also has plans to add a hybrid variant with the existing engine lineup, but it will include at a later stage after the release of the new model 5-Series GT.

Date of release and the base cost

The next generation BMW 5-Series GT can be expected for sale during the second half of 2017. Regarding pricing, the new model vehicle will be available at an estimated starting price of $61,500.

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2018 BMW 5-Series GT spy shots

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