2017 BMW i3 Increased Range, Photos, Specs

The 2017 BMW i3 is the first electric car of BMW, which will get its first major revision. Some hate its design, some love it, there is no middle, but one is for sure, it has more than enough quality and reliability. The hottest topic about this cute little model is its electric range because the new model i3 is expected to come with a more powerful battery than the earlier model to cover more distance solely on electric power when compared to that of its predecessor. The reason for the additional range is due to high-density lithium-ion cells. The estimated increased range of the new i3 will be 40% more than that of the 2014 model i3. Overall, it will be a highly appreciated car, as it comes with a funky design, excellent driving dynamics, and a roomy interior, as well.

2017 BMW i3 Redesign

This time, the smallest 2017 BMW electric car comes with a different external arrangement in terms of positioning the electric motor. It is now equipped with the electric motor, which will position at the back of the vehicle, rather than in the front as in the 2014 i3. This will assist the driver to handle the vehicle efficiently in turns and to park the vehicle easy.

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The entire body has been constructed by making use of carbon fiber and aluminum materials. As a result, the overall weight of the vehicle has been reduced by 200 pounds (approx 136 kg) when compared to that of one of its major class competitors, the Nissan leaf. The new BMW i3 2017 comes incorporated with the revolutionary B-pillar and LED headlights that assume the shape of the letter U. Furthermore, it will have bigger wheels with the diameter of 19 inches and with Performance Center Driving Experience of BMW. For the 2017 model year, the car comes with two new color options, the Dark Oak Wood Trim and the Protonic Blue color.

2017 BMW i3 Interior

The interior of the new 2017 BMW i3 also comes with innovating changes. The new vehicle comes equipped with a dark textile reprocessed-material made upholstered Deka World trim level, which comes as a substitute to the base edition of Mega World available in the earlier model. Some of the other standard features that are new to the new i3 include:
 Sunroof.
 Real-time traffic information.
 Programmable garage door opener.
 Keyless entry and start.
 iDrive.
 Automatic temperature control.
 Active cruise control.
 Park distance control.
 Telematics support.
 Navigation system.

2017 BMW i3 interior

The Giga World and the Tera World trim levels will be offered with the light eucalyptus trim as standard, whereas the dark oak wood trim will be offered as an option.
The new model i3 comes with the fuel tank with the capacity of 2.4 gallons, which is 0.5 gallons more than that of the earlier model.

BMW i3 new battery, engine

Beneath the hood, the all-new 2017 BMW i3 comes equipped with the two-cylinder traditional gasoline powertrain, which will be positioned beneath the cargo compartment. This powertrain offers its performance in combination with an electric motor with the capacity of 33 kWh, which is 11 kWh more than that of the earlier model. The battery would get its required power from the durable high-density lithium ion cells. The new vehicle has a combined power of 170 horsepower and the entire power will be sent to the rear wheels. This compact electric car has the better acceleration then old i3, from 0-60 mph it goes in 7 seconds.

The new i3 will be capable of covering a maximum distance of 114 miles solely on electric power when compared to 81 miles covered by the old i3. Moreover, this range is bigger than that of the Ford Focus Electric that covers only 100 miles and less than that of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV, which covers 200 miles. The battery of the new vehicle can be charged within 4.5 hours by making use of a level-2 charger, which is one hour longer than the charging time taken by the battery of the earlier model.

Date of release and price

The new BMW i3 2017 release date is expected to be during the final quarter of 2016 with the base price of $ 44,595.

All-new 2017 BMW i3 Photos

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