New 2017 BMW i8 hybrid supercar

It is the sports car, it is hybrid, it’s attractive, what else can you wish for the future car. The 2017 BMW i8 is the latest four-passenger coupe of the leading German car manufacturer, BMW, which will be offered in a single well-outfitted trim level. The hybrid model is expected to come with many attractive and beneficial features that include a contemporary design, penny-pinching fuel economy, and with the sports car performance. It will offer better acceleration(about 5%) than the last model. By means of fine looks, a comprehensive list of inside technologies, it is definite that buyers will get themselves their dream car. However, it is not an affordable model for everybody because it carries a higher price tag than any other model in the lineup.

2017 BMW i8 Changes

The external styling of the new BMW i8 2017 will be, as usual, meaning that it comes with an attractive and sports look, similar to other models of BMW. The new i8 comes with the refreshed look, embellished in the distinctive scissor-elevate doors, and low, glossy outside body styling. As one among the few production car with the supposed scissor doors, the new vehicle will excite even before the passengers get in. Around the city, it feels very normal, and the action of its brake pedal is progressive and natural, but it lacks the hardness or wooden character of other reinforced braking systems, while its accelerator is linear and soft.

This time, the new 2017 BMW i8 coupe will be lighter than the earlier models, as its body, frame, and other outside elements are made out of frivolous, but powerful materials, such as carbon fiber and aluminum. It comes with an innovating front styling, as its front part comes equipped with laser headlamps, installed lower the big bumper to make it more athletic and aggressive. It also comes outfitted with a standard and an iconic butterfly grill that appends its sturdiness. Around back, the new hybrid BMW comes equipped with a set of sharp taillights that offer a more athletic look to its rear fascia.

2017 BMW i8 Interior

The interior of the next generation BMW i8 is offered with a more athletic design than the outgoing model. All seats within the cabin are designed in a comfortable and luxurious way that offers a contented ride to the passengers and a lavish look to the cabin. Furthermore, the seats are designed with the adjustable feature, and they are upholstered in high-quality leather.
BMW has also constructed the new model i8 with necessary safety features. All occupants of the vehicle can have a safe ride as the vehicle is equipped with adequate reliable and sufficient airbags and strong safety belt. The cabin of the vehicle comes equipped with the latest version of infotainment system that comes with high-speed internet connection and huge touch-screens. On the interior of the vehicle, surfaces are accentuated by naturally treated leather, which is spread over the ultra-modern gauges and dynamic curves. Overall, buyers will get both the entertainment and comfort while driving this stylish car.

2017 BMW i8 Interior


The 2017 BMW i8 will be powered by two different engines, so buyers will have the option of choosing the new i8 with their preferred engine.
The base engine will be of displacement 2.0 liters and it would crank the maximum power of 270-300 ponies. This powertrain will be attached to a powerful electric motor to produce the additional power of 150-200 ponies, so the new i8 gets the combined power close to 450(or even 500 hp) ponies.
Similarly, the next optional 480-HP engine of displacement 3.0 liters will also be attached to a 108-HP electric motor to generate the cumulative power of 588 ponies.
Both powertrains will be attached to a 9-velocity transmission, which makes the 2017 i8 attain the 60 mph speed from the start in 4 seconds. Top speed is electronically blocked at 155 mph.

Price and the date of release

It is expected that the release date of new BMW i8 2017 will hit the dealerships for sale during the concluding part of 2016 and its starting price is estimated to be $140,000. 2017 i8 BMW Spyder will have even higher price.
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2017 BMW i8 Photos

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